Hannah Buechler's work consists of medium altering experiments. She is intrigued by materials and how they can be exploited to confuse the viewer’s perception of its original state. Receiving her B.F.A in fibers with a minor in painting, she pushes to create textural paintings that incorporate textiles and fiber practices. Buechler is especially fond of using plastics and resin, two mediums that have driven her to think of plasticity's demand in society.

Hannah is a successful artist with works displayed world-wide, such as the United States, Paris, and Hong Kong. Twenty three of her pieces are also part of SCAD’s permanent collection, a designation the university reserves for items “exceptional for their quality, depth, and historic relevance.” Growing up, she was determined to parlay her love of art and creating into a career. She now resides in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to her studio work, she is a textile specialist for Carnegie Fabrics, an artisanal textile house.

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